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Tuning, regulation, voicing, repair and reconditioning of all sizes and brands of upright and grand pianos


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Tuning Philosophy

A pianist can have a very personal relationship with his or her instrument. As a piano player since the age of 6, I truly understand this. I will collaborate closely with you to clearly understand your needs, and I guarantee your complete satisfaction. Musical styles, playing styles and the environment the instrument is in, all play a role in bringing out the beauty of the instrument for the player.

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Tuning and Temperaments

Tuning a piano is the proper adjustment of pitch. Your piano will be tuned to standard A=440hz unless otherwise specified. Traditionally, pianos are tuned in Equal Temperament. However, all "tunings" are not created "equal". If your repertoire is Classical and limited to the early works of the Romantic era and before, a Historic Temperament or "Un-Equal" Temperament may be something for you to explore. I have a keen interest in the temperaments that the great composers have had their pianos tuned to. I would be happy to help you explore unequal temperaments to suit your preferences.

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(Piano Action Adjustment)

A properly adjusted piano action allows you to freely express yourself. A properly adjusted action is one that has fast note repetition, responsive pianissimo playing, quiet operation and is free from double strikes or bobbling hammers.

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Voicing and Tone Building

The tone of a piano is often described with words such as, "dark", "mellow" or "bright". This overall tone can be changed. How much can be changed depends on the age, size and design of the instrument as well as financial considerations. Communication of your personal preference for tone is important. I always set aside time in a standard tuning call to reduce or eliminate any harsh or dull notes. Whether the piano is overall dark or bright, the tone should be balanced and uniform from the lowest note to the top. If extensive work is required to change the overall voice of your instrument, I would be happy to discuss the different options available to resolve this.


Da Capo Piano Service

Greg White
Piano Tuner & Technician
Member of the Piano Technicians Guild
Serving the Greater Northern California Bay Area

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"The piano is doing marvelously well....It feels wonderful...."
Nancy Ohlbach in San Francisco - Concert Pianist, Piano Teacher
Yamaha 6'7" Grand
"I played after you left. It's great.... Like you said, pianissimo is easier and fortissimo isn't as "loud".
Susan in Palo Alto, CA
Wurlitzer Console
"My piano sounds great!"
John Steiner in San Jose, CA
Steinway & Sons 5'10" Grand
"Thanks again for tuning our piano. It is now a joy to play..."
Sonja in Sunnyvale, CA
1910 Trayser Upright
"Our piano sounds wonderful - I am looking forward to having you build a relationship with it."
Christoper Queens Gallery in Duncans Mill, CA
1864 Kirkman & Sons 7' Grand


I have been playing the piano since the age of 6 and the guitar since the age of 14. Piano and music has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I am currently a piano student of a gifted pianist and instructor, Nancy Ohlbach.

I began working on pianos at a very young age out of necessity (and curiosity) since my family could only afford basic annual maintenance along with piano lessons. I have formalized my training by completing the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. I am an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild and attend regular meetings and functions.

I love working on pianos and making them sound great!

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